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Who you will need to notify about the death

When a loved one passes away, you will need to notify various organisations about the death as soon as possible.

Who to inform first

  • The person’s GP
  • Relatives and friends
  • The funeral director
  • Register office
  • Employer/school
  • Health professionals – you may need to cancel any outstanding hospital appointments

Property and bills

  • Mortgage provider or landlord
  • Utility companies (electricity, gas and water)
  • Buildings and contents insurance provider
  • Mobile phone provider
  • Broadband
  • TV companies


  • HM revenue and Customs for tax purposes
  • Pension providers
  • Passport agency
  • DVLA if the deceased held a driving license
  • Local council for council tax and Electoral Register

The Tell Us Once service will allow you to notify the above government departments at the same time.


  • Bank and building societies
  • Insurance companies (life, car and travel)
  • Credit card providers
  • Solicitor
  • Accountant

The Death Notification Service has been created to allow you to notify a person’s death to a number of banks and building societies at the same time.


  • Dentist
  • Optician
  • Subscriptions
  • Social groups and clubs
  • Re-direct the post
  • Close online and social media accounts

If a loved has passed away, The Bereavement Register will help you reduce the amount of unwanted marketing post being sent to them, stopping painful daily reminders.

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