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We deliver modules on subjects such as how to carry out funeral-related tasks, develop management skills or a how to use a new computer system. 

Engaging and effective, we are also investing in our people with a wide range of fun, bite-sized topics that allow you to also guide your own professional development.

These range from our Diversity and Inclusion training and Mental Health Awareness through to How To Cook In Spanish!


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Career Development at Dignity Funerals

Learning Management System

Our new digital learning platform encompasses eLearning, videos, digital documents, presentations and virtual sessions. To help us deliver these materials we have a learning management system, the Dignity Academy portal.

This software allows our people to access learning materials wherever they are in the country. They can access it at work, at home, or even sat on the train with a tablet.

We can use data such as usage statistics and assessment results, along with business data to understand how effective the learning has been.

Blended Learning Options

The introduction of a blended learning approach has allowed us to tailor to the individual learning needs of our colleagues. It means that key skills are built using different methodologies and cater to different learning preferences, this helps to increase learner efficiency and confidence. 


From HR Administration, all the way to MBA level qualifications, our L&D team cater for professional development opportunities at all levels in our organisation.

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