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Personalised coffins, eco-coffins, colourful picture coffins

Coffins come in all kinds of colours and finishes - from traditional coffins to more colourful designs or more eco-friendly caskets for green funerals. Just as with any other part of the funeral arrangement, how much you chose to personalise the coffin is completely up to you.

Here we give you a few examples of ways you can personalise a coffin:

Cardboard Coffins

Often chosen for eco-friendly funerals, cardboard coffins can also be used to create a memorable tribute for the family to personalise.

“The family wanted to be able to decorate the coffin. The cardboard finish meant that they could use felt tip pens to draw pictures, write messages and share memories. At another funeral, mourners were given marker pens and asked to write messages for the deceased as they left. Both were very unusual but incredibly poignant ways to create a truly personalised coffin that was unique and meaningful.”

Rachael, Funeral Director

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Decorative and picture coffins

Decorative and colourful coffins also offer a unique way of personalising the funeral. From pre-designed and themed coffins depicting anything from flowers to landscapes, colours from cerise pink to leopard print, through to slightly more off the wall designs such as the Dr Who tardis!

“We arranged the funeral of a young man and the family wanted to celebrate his love of motorbikes. They chose a bespoke colourful coffin with photographs of him riding his beloved bike. We also arranged for a motorcycle hearse to take him on his final journey. The family were so grateful to be able to personalise the service for him.”

Andrea, Funeral Director


With more and more people looking for something more colourful, the range is growing. Coffins can now be truly personalised with images of your choice - a favourite landscape, family photos, or memorabilia from a favourite football team.

“We’ve seen coffins painted with Liquorice Allsorts and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, some decorated with pictures from the family’s photo album and others where people have even decorated the coffin in glitter or covered it in beer mats!“

Rachael explains

“The possibilities are endless - think about what the person liked, what might have made them smile, then ask your funeral director. Chances are that they’ll be able to help you deliver what you’re looking for!”


Many people will opt to honour the beliefs of their loved ones by choosing a more environmentally friendly option for their coffin. Eco coffins are made from sustainable materials - including cardboard, bamboo, pine, willow, banana leaf or wool - and are typically used for woodland burials and eco-funerals. We can also arrange biodegradable coffins or urns.

Simple, effective personalisations for memorable coffins

  • Coffin handles changed to wooden ‘tools’ for a carpenter
  • Coffin sprayed in glitter
  • Unusual coffin linings, from Cadbury’s purple to Leopard print.
  • Coffin decorated with football club colours and logos
  • Coffin decorated with family pictures
  • A white coffin, with pens handed to mourners to add their own tribute
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Other ways to personalise a funeral

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