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How to choose a funeral home

If you're planning a funeral for a loved one, then you'll want everything to be just right. You'll need a caring, compassionate and professional Funeral Director who'll listen to your wishes and support you every step of the way

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If you need any help in understanding what to do after someone dies, or arranging a funeral, we're here for you. If you have any questions about the funeral arrangement process, please don't hesitate to ask. With over 800 Funeral Directors across the UK, we're here to support you to every step of the way.

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Checklist - what to ask a Funeral Director

Your local funeral home should go further than simply planning the ceremony itself. Be sure to confirm that they offer the following:

Caring for your loved one

Your Funeral Director should ensure your loved one is cared for with the utmost respect and professionalism in high-quality, climate controlled facilities.

They should arrange for the deceased to be collected, prepared and transported to the funeral in line with your wishes. 

Making the right arrangements

A good Funeral Director will prepare, collect and distribute all the required documentation and coordinate external payments for you that are necessary for the funeral to legally proceed

They will help you choose a coffin for your loved one, music you and your family wish to be played and other key elements of the service including readings, transport, order of service sheets and much more.

They’ll help you personalise the funeral to best commemorate your loved one’s life. 


Your Funeral Director will take the time to listen to your thoughts on how you would like the funeral to be conducted, offering professional guidance and support every step of the way.

They’ll be present on the day of the ceremony, managing the service and making sure the day runs smoothly.

Collecting charitable donations

Your Funeral Director will take responsibility for managing and collecting any donations, if you wish. They’ll make sure everyone knows where, when and how to make a contribution. They’ll also make sure all donations are sent to your chosen charity.

Dealing with your loved one's ashes

Deciding what to do with ashes after cremation is an essential part of the grieving process. But before you decide anything, it’s important that you explore your options and learn what legal requirements you must abide by. Your Funeral Director will be able to guide on this

Online funeral notices

A Funeral Notice is a personalised web page commemorating your loved one’s life. It provides all the essential details of the funeral in one convenient place. For those attending the funeral, a Funeral Notice makes it quick and easy to find out when it is taking place and where it is being held.

You can collect online donations for a special charity and provide the option for people to send flowers. This is helpful for both those attending as well as those who cannot make it on the day. 

Coordinating the day

Your Funeral Director should:

  • Meet with you prior to the day of the funeral to ensure all your requirements are met, confirm arrangements and ensure all instructions are correctly recorded and any changes noted and acted upon

  • Be present at your side on the day to supervise the occasion and direct all in attendance

  • Ensure sufficient pallbearers are available and instructed to escort the coffin with dignity and respect

  • Prepare all locations for the service and committal and liaise with any Minister or officiants

  • Personally see to every detail, including the collection of cards from floral tributes, charitable donations, book of remembrance and other memorials from the day for you to treasure and keep
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In summary

Choosing the right funeral home is crucial, because it means your loved one will receive the send off and ceremony that best commemorates their life. A good Funeral director should be honest, open, compassionate and supportive. 

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