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We can advise you on how to create a scenic Memorial setting in your garden space.

Garden Memorials provide lovely outdoor spaces for honouring loved ones who have passed away.
These tranquil settings, often adorned with Memorial benches, markers, or plaques, offer meaningful environments for reflection
and remembrance, fostering a connection with nature.


Garden Memorials

By integrating multiple outdoor Memorials within a garden, a unique sanctuary for remembrance is fashioned, providing solace and tranquillity for both yourself and those dearest to the departed. A variety of memorial options exist to craft a garden ambiance rich with significance, such as:

  • Photo Plaque
    These are symbols of remembrance placed at burial sites and include an image of the individual passed.
  • Markers
    A marker is an object that represents a significant place, which is often an inscribed plaque.
  • Bio-degradable urns
    These containers for ashes are made from materials that naturally break down over time when buried or placed in water.
  • Tribute Seeds
    These are often scattered in a significant place as a sign of remembrance.

Our Memorials are fully customisable to align with your preferences, allowing you to select the ideal material, design, shape, and size. Additionally, personalisation can of course be incorporated.
*There are some Memorials where personalisation isn’t an option due to the material.

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Need More Information?
Here are some frequently asked questions about Garden Memorials.

Why are garden Memorials significant?

Garden Memorials provide a tranquil and natural setting for remembrance, offering a place of solace and reflection where loved ones can be commemorated amidst the soothing backdrop of nature.

How can one create a garden Memorial?

Creating a garden Memorial involves thoughtful selection and arrangement of Memorial elements within a garden space, considering the preferences and personality of the departed loved one to craft a meaningful tribute that brings comfort and solace to visitors.

This page is to provide Memorial inspiration. If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our specific garden memorials,
please don’t hesitate to contact our professional Memorial Specialists.

Personalise your memorial to add a unique and meaningful touch.

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