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A mausoleum is a final resting place and is often a grand and architecturally impressive structure
where individuals or families can be entombed or interred above ground. It's a dignified and permanent tribute, providing a
serene and private space for remembrance and reflection.



Choosing a mausoleum offers advantages including cleanliness, above-ground burial preference, single burial site option for family, and indoor comfort for visits. There are also other considerations to ensure the mausoleum reflects the wishes of the individual including:

  • Types of mausoleums
    There are options to have the mausoleum in an indoor or outdoor setting as well as a public or private location.
  • Personalisation
    There are lots of ways to personalise a mausoleum. You can have inscriptions added to the roof or walls, or on the front door. If more than one family member is buried in the mausoleum, you can add memorial plaques detailing the names of those passed.
  • Locations
    Our mausoleums are located at Beckenham Crematorium, South London Crematorium, Randalls Park Crematorium and Loughborough Crematorium. We also have vaults in East London Crematorium and Enfield Crematorium. We are able to support those with mausoleum requirements who are local to the sites and also those in surroundings areas.

Mausoleums are a specialist option, which our memorials specialists can advise you of.

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Need More Information?
Here are some frequently asked questions about Mausoleums.

What is a mausoleum and crypt?

A mausoleum is a structure, typically a building, constructed to hold one or more mausoleum crypts. The mausoleum itself is the larger edifice, while the mausoleum crypt refers to the individual chambers or compartments within the mausoleum where caskets or urns containing the loved one are placed.

What are the different types of mausoleums available?

Various mausoleum options cater to diverse burial needs. Single crypts accommodate one individual, while family mausoleums allow for multiple family members to be buried together. Companion crypts hold two bodies, resembling double-depth graves. Columbariums house urns of ashes in smaller niches, and lawn crypts offer traditional in-ground burials with entombment. Sarcophagus mausoleums, with half underground and half above-ground structures, preserve the body beneath the crypt while creating a visually striking memorial.

Are there rules and regulations regarding mausoleum wording?

Yes, there are rules and regulations governing the wording permitted on a mausoleum, as these can vary depending on the chosen location. Our Memorial Specialists will be a valuable resource in guiding you through what is permissible.

This page is to provide Memorial inspiration. If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our specific mausoleums,
please don’t hesitate to contact our professional Memorial Specialists.

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