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Explore our selection of timeless Memorial stones and accompaniments, including headstones,
grave markers, floral tributes, statues and plenty more. All are meticulously crafted to honour the memory of your loved ones with
dignity and reverence. These thoughtful additions not only pay tribute to those who have passed but also help
create a serene and comforting space for visitation and reflection.


Memorial Stones & Accompaniments

There is a wide array of Memorial stones and accompaniment options available, offering endless possibilities to craft a truly unique and meaningful space. These options encompass:

Memorial Stones

  • Headstones
  • Kerb Sets
  • Tablets, Wedges & Desks
  • Vases


  • Statues
  • Grave Markers
  • Photo Plaques
  • Ceramic Flowers

Our Memorials are fully customisable to align with your preferences, allowing you to select the ideal material, design, shape, and size. Additionally, personalisation can of course be incorporated, including the addition of names, dates, messages, or poems, with a choice of font styles to ensure a truly bespoke tribute.

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Need More Information?
Here are some frequently asked questions about Stone Memorials and Accompaniments.

What material is most suited for making headstones for graves?

Common choices for headstone materials include granite, marble, and limestone, each offering different durability and aesthetic qualities. Granite is durable and comes in various colours, while bronze darkens over time but requires minimal maintenance. Marble offers a luxurious appearance but is less hard-wearing, and limestone provides durability with a lighter colour option.

How do I choose the right headstone design?

When choosing a headstone design, consider options such as upright, flat, or kerbed headstones, each offering different sizes, finishes, and space for potential accompaniments. Our Memorial Specialists are on hand to help and advise you on all of the options available.

What finishes and shapes are available for headstones?

Headstones can be finished in polished, part polished, honed, or pitched styles, each offering different appearances and maintenance requirements. In terms of shapes, options include peon top, oval, square top with rounded shoulders, and more, providing flexibility to match your personal preferences and commemorate your loved one in a meaningful way.

What are popular cemetery statues?

Popular choices include angel statues, representing solace and dignity, as well as cupids and cherubs symbolising love and a connection with the divine. Statues of Jesus Christ, often with a sacred heart, are also common, reflecting religious beliefs. Kneeling angels signify overcoming adversity, while animal statues like eagles or lions may represent strength and courage.

What designs are available for Memorial vases?

Memorial vases vary in shape and function, offering options like flat surfaces for engraving, rounded shapes for placement beside headstones, stone memorials with removable chambers for water or oasis, spike vases for ground insertion near graves, and stand-alone vases or pots for decorative display.

Are there rules and regulations regarding cemetery Memorials?

Yes, churchyards and cemeteries often have specific regulations governing the types of memorials allowed and a permit will be required. Understanding these rules beforehand is important to ensure compliance and select an appropriate memorial. Our Memorial Specialists are on hand to advise on the rules per location.

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