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Urns and caskets serve as dignified vessels to honour and preserve the memory of loved ones.
Whether for burial, scattering or keeping, these sacred containers offer a final resting place, available in a variety of styles, materials,
and designs to suit individual preferences and cultural traditions.


Urns & Caskets

When choosing an urn or casket for your loved one's ashes, considerations such as size and style naturally weigh on your heart. We're here to offer a range of options tailored to your preferences, ensuring a gentle tribute that reflects their essence. Our selection includes:

  • Individual Urn - Designed to hold the ashes of one person, available in various shapes and materials.
  • Companion Urn - Larger in size, suitable for storing the ashes of two individuals, often chosen for couples.
  • Keepsake Urn - Smaller in size, ideal for dividing ashes among family members or keeping a portion while scattering the rest.
  • Biodegradable Urn - Environmentally-friendly option suitable for green funerals, decomposes over time when planted in the ground, avoiding soil pollution.
  • Scatter Tubes - An ideal option if scattering ashes or laying them to rest in the ground, as they are biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Keepsake Pebbles - Offering a tactile and colourful object with the option to include a token of ashes or a locket of hair.

Our Memorials are fully customisable to align with your preferences, allowing you to select the ideal material, design, shape, and size. Additionally, personalisation can of course be incorporated.

*Please note, there are some Memorials where personalisation unfortunately isn't an option due to the material.

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Need More Information?
Here are some frequently asked questions about Urns & Caskets.

What material options are available for urns?

Urns can be made from a variety of materials including, wood, stone, ceramic and glass. Ceramic is the most commonly used material for cremation urns. People often choose wooden urns for ashes if they’d like to display the urn indoors. There is also the possibility of adding an engraved inscriptions to a wooden urn.

What mementoes can be placed inside an urn?

The size of the urn and amount of ashes you would like to keep will determine what mementos you can place inside of it. You may have something sentimental that you want to put in it, such as a lock of hair, a personal message or even your wedding ring. The choice is completely up to you.

Are urns suitable for keeping outside?

Specific weatherproof urns can be kept in the garden for years to come due to their numerous protective layers and watertight threaded plug. To keep the urn protected, it’s best to refrain from using any chemicals and pesticides in the location.

How are scatter tubes used?

Scatter tubes are crafted in high quality cardboard which includes a perforated circle on the top of the tube, under the lid, which is simply pushed in to allow you to scatter ashes.

This page is to provide Memorial inspiration. If you have any questions or queries regarding any of our specific urns & caskets,
please don’t hesitate to contact our professional Memorial Specialists.

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