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What is the Unattended Funeral?

The Unattended Funeral takes care of the essential elements of a funeral; the cremation fees, doctor’s fees (where applicable), care of your loved one and transportation to the crematorium are covered. An Unattended Funeral is different to a traditional ceremonial funeral. There is no service, there is no hearse or limousines and mourners do not attend the crematorium.

Our service to you

  • Your dedicated and expert funeral arranger will be available to help, support and guide you through each step of the process. We will complete the arrangements with you either at our funeral home or over the telephone.

  • All arrangements are conducted during our normal office hours.

  • We will advise and guide you on the arrangement of the cremation, including liaising with third parties on your behalf.

  • We will prepare and distribute all the documentation and manage external payments that are necessary for the cremation to legally proceed.

  • We will provide a complimentary online Funeral Notice, a personalised webpage that provides all the essential details of the cremation in one
    convenient place for you to share and keep family and friends informed.

  • We will remain available for aftercare, advice, guidance and additional services as required, including access to Dignity Legal Services (excluding Scotland, Jersey and Northern Ireland).


The cremation

  • Doctor’s fees (where applicable) are included in order to provide the necessary paperwork for the cremation to proceed

  • Cremation fees are also included.

  • The cremation will take place at one of our selected local crematoria and will be respectfully supervised by a qualified Crematorium Attendant.


Cremation funeral service|Dignity

Our service to the person who has died

  • Our professional team will bring your loved one into our care using specialist vehicles and equipment during normal office hours.

  • They will be treated with the utmost respect and will rest in our mortuary facilities.

  • We will provide a simple gown to dress your loved one in, and we will also follow any instructions regarding hair and make-up. We will care for any personal effects in accordance with your instructions.

  • A Park coffin is included with this service.

  • Your loved one will be transported directly to the crematorium in a specialised funeral vehicle.

There are some additional choices you can make with the Unattended Funeral. We will discuss these options with you, and the associated fees so that you can make an informed decision:

Our Coffins and Caskets

We offer a wide range of coffins and caskets, from simple to more ornate, with traditional wooden coffins, colourful picture coffins and natural coffins to suit all tastes. We will guide you through our range and costs so that you can make the right choice for your requirements.

Our Urns

We offer a wide range of burial urns, scatter tubes and keepsake urns.


Our Memorials

We can help you create a fitting memorial for your loved one. We work closely with local crematoria and burial sites to ensure that any guidelines and restrictions are met.


Some important things to consider with an Unattended Funeral:

  • There will be no service or ceremony for mourners to attend.

  • There is no option for an unattended burial funeral.

  • The cremation will take place at a selected local crematorium and no flexibility can be provided on date, time and location.

  • There is no embalming service offered with the Unattended Funeral.

  • You will not be able to visit your loved one before the cremation.

  • For a list of costs, please contact your local Dignity Funeral Director

  • You will be required to pay all charges in full at the point of making the arrangement.

  • Additional charges will apply for bringing your loved one into our care outside of normal office hours and for mileage incurred beyond 20 miles from our premises

  • The removal of mechanisms such as pacemakers, which must be removed before a cremation, may incur an additional cost.


Attended Funeral

The Attended Funeral includes care of your loved one, a service at the place of committal which can be personalised as required, followed by a burial or cremation.

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