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Chapel of Rest - Bringing your loved one into our care

After you have registered the death, our dependable funeral professionals will arrange for your loved one to be brought into our care and will be on hand to provide all the support and advice you need throughout this difficult time.

Information required by a Funeral Director

Your local Funeral Director will require the following information prior to bringing the deceased into our care:

  • The person’s full name, address and age
  • Where they are resting now
  • The name and contact details of their doctor
  • If you have a Death Certificate
  • Where you would like the deceased to rest before the funeral - either the funeral home or at your own home

If it is your wish for them to rest at your own home, we recommend that you allow us to bring them into our care first so all the required preparations and arrangements can be made.

Your chosen Funeral Director will then be able to arrange a time to visit you, or you can meet us at a local funeral home if that’s what you would prefer to do. We will advise you on what to do next, ensuring all the necessary funeral arrangements are taken care of.

Please feel free to contact your local Funeral Director at any time. If they are closed, you will still be able to speak to someone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What is a Chapel of Rest?

A chapel of rest is a remembrance room often found in funeral homes where you can visit your loved one and pay your final respects before the funeral service.

What to expect at a Chapel of Rest

Once we’ve taken your loved one into our care, it will be wholly up to you whether you want to visit them or not. Our caring professionals are more than happy to give you the support and advice you need when deciding whether to arrange a visit.

Many people choose to visit their loved one so that they can pay their respects and help with the grieving process, but some people prefer not to; there is no right or wrong decision.

If you do decide to visit, our Funeral Directors provide private and tranquil chapels of rest which can be personalised to reflect the life of your loved one. We will be able to arrange a suitable day and time for you to visit, usually a couple of days before the day of the funeral.

Viewing someone in the chapel of rest can be a difficult and emotional experience, but you won’t have to go through it alone. We are more than happy to accompany you during your visit and stay with you for as long as you like. 

What happens if someone dies abroad?

We offer a comprehensive repatriation service if your loved one sadly passes away abroad. Repatriation is the process of bringing a loved one back to the UK if you wish to hold their funeral in this country.

To begin the process, the following documents are required:

  • Death Certificate from the country where the person died
  • Permission to deport your loved one from the country where they died
  • Embalming certificate

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