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Low cost funerals delivering a complete service

A Simple Funeral is suitable if you have the flexibility to choose from a limited choice of dates and times for the service and you do not want to have a lot of additional services added to the funeral. If you are able to be a little more flexible, we are able to provide our Simple Funeral service for £1,695 in Scotland or £1,995 in the rest of the UK.

What does a Simple Funeral service include?

The Simple Funeral service includes:

  • A Park coffin with linings and fittings

  • We will prepare, collect and distribute all the required documentation and co-ordinate external payments for you that are necessary for the funeral to legally proceed

  • Transportation of your loved one in one of our chauffeur driven hearses directly to the crematorium or cemetery

  • Access to Dignity Legal Services (excluding Scotland, Jersey and Northern Ireland)

Your appointed Funeral Director

We will appoint one of our experienced, professional and fully trained Funeral Directors who will guide and support you through every step.

Your Funeral Director will:

  • Personally oversee your chosen arrangements of either a burial or cremation at a time and date of our choosing

  • Be present at your side on the day to conduct the funeral and direct all attendees

  • Ensure sufficient pallbearers are available and instructed to escort the coffin with dignity and respect

Our services to the person who has died

  • Our professional team will bring your loved one into our care using Dignity's experienced and fully trained personnel, specialist vehicles and equipment

  • We will dress them in a suitable basic gown and prepare them for the funeral according to your personal wishes

  • Your loved one will receive continuous care whilst they are in our protection, resting in modern climate-controlled mortuary facilities

  • You can visit them in our private Chapel of Rest by agreed appointment during normal office hours

Some important points about the Simple Funeral:

  • We will offer you a choice of dates and times for the service to be held

  • Services are limited to those detailed and will not include organisation of floral tributes, obituaries, donations or service stationery

  • Only the Park coffin can be used

  • The service will be held at the place of committal. An alternative location is not possible and there will be no limousines or funeral cortege

  • The Simple Funeral does not include provision of a limousine(s)

  • Services provided by third parties that are necessary for a burial or cremation to proceed are not included

  • Please check with your Funeral Arranger which additional services are available as an optional extra with the Simple Funeral

  • Payment for the Simple Funeral must be made in full at least 48 hours prior to the service. A minimum deposit to cover the third party costs will be required at the time the initial arrangements are made

Additional funeral costs

  • Embalming will incur an additional cost

  • The delivery of ashes will incur an additional cost

  • Bringing your loved one into our care outside of normal office hours, or beyond a 20 mile radius from the Funeral Director, will incur an additional cost

  • The removal of mechanisms such as pacemakers, which must be removed before a cremation, may incur a cost

Additional funeral costs, or external payments, can vary widely depending on where you live and whether you choose a cremation or burial service for your loved one.

Learn more about additional funeral costs.

What our clients say

Families choose us because the little details matter to us just as much as they matter to you

Full Service Funeral

Our Full Service Funeral allows you to create an entirely personal and bespoke commemoration, respecting any final wishes. Every person is unique and our services can be designed to celebrate your loved one's life story.

You will have the flexibility to choose a specific type of funeral; whether you wish to arrange a traditional funeral service or would prefer something a little bit different, such as a woodland burial. There are lots of choices you can make, from arranging unique funeral transport to deciding where the service will be held.

Whatever is required, we will endeavour to deliver.

Full Service Funeral details