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When it comes to alternative funeral arrangements, the little details matter to us just as much as they matter to you. Funerals are very personal events and we understand that each service is as unique as the individual themselves. We are here to support you during this time and can arrange an alternative funeral service that reflects the life of your loved one and their final wishes.

If you don't think a traditional funeral service would be fitting, there are a number of alternative funeral ideas from which you can choose. With an alternative funeral service, every detail of the funeral may be personalised to truly reflect your loved one.

Whether you wish to arrange a bright and colourful funeral or would simply like to make your loved one's final journey memorable with an alternative funeral transport, our Funeral Directors will ensure your unique arrangements are met for a special commemoration.

Guides to arranging an alternative funeral service

Learn more about alternative funerals and how you can arrange a personalised service which mirrors the life of your loved one.


Our Funeral Directors will help arrange a funeral that's unique to your loved one, supporting you every step of the way

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