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Choosing a crematorium

What do UK consumers want from a cremation funeral? Our interactive crematorium comparison tool will help you search for local crematoria and compare them based on the six most important criteria, identified by the UK’s largest ever independent study of crematoria quality and standards.

Compare crematoria in the UK

For most people, having enough time to have a private and uninterrupted moment to remember a loved one is the most important factor in a funeral service. A report published in 2018 by Dignity identified six criteria for crematoria that will give you the information needed to make an informed choice when organising a cremation.

In May 2019, Dignity collected information for 298 UK crematoria. Our crematorium comparison tool below will help you search for crematoria and compare them on the standard time slot provided, the overall cost and the price per minute. The additional information provided will establish whether a location you are considering allows you to personalise the service with music or videos, make sure there is enough seating capacity for everyone who wishes to attend, and whether or not you could have a service in the evening or at weekends.

If you decide to use a crematoria that offers a shorter amount of time than you would like, either speak to the crematoria about costs for additional time or ask your funeral director.

What do UK consumers want from a cremation funeral?

The report found that consumers value having sufficient time at the crematorium more than they do cost, some crematoria do not provide consumers with the service or information that they need to choose the right crematorium. In particular, it explains that price per minute paid for a cremation is a better measure of value for most consumers than price alone.

Carried out by independent research agency Trajectory, “Cost, Quality, Seclusion and Time: What do UK consumers want from a cremation funeral?” found: 

  • Not enough time to say goodbye: Three in ten (29%) said that they did not get enough time at the crematorium.

  • That “conveyor belt” feeling: More than a third (36%) had the feeling that they were on a conveyor belt and 70% of these people said that they would have liked more time at the crematorium.

  • Longer services: A majority of people (59%) said that 30 minutes is not long enough for a cremation service. However, time slots at 20% of crematoria are 30mins or less and 37% offer less than 45mins.

  • Additional time is available: Only 8% of consumers were aware that it is possible to have additional time or a double 'slot' (at an additional cost).
  • Cost not a factor: Six in ten (60%) said that cost wasn’t a consideration when arranging the cremation. Moreover, the research showed that the length of a service impacted on whether people felt they had received value for money, whereas the price they paid made no difference.

96% of consumers said it was useful to visit crematoria in advance of the funeral. 72% of Dignity’s own crematoria offer 60 minute time slots for a standard cremation. The remainder have a minimum of 45 minutes.

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